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Posted by Kromey at 12:29pm Jun 12 '15
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Rand Paul, that is.

Just got an email from his campaign in which he's pretty much gloating about recent polls showing him being ahead of Hilary Clinton, especially in key states like Ohio. (Side note: It's interesting that the more attention she draws to herself, the further her popularity seems to slide; this is interesting because usually Democrats get the opposite, while Republicans are the ones dropping like stones in the light of public attention!)

Anyway, let's not talk about popularity polls. Not right now, anyway (these way-early ones are always way-off anyway, so there's just no point). Instead, let's talk about the key points Rand said in this email his campaign is about:

>>[end] illegal NSA spying

He's already taken huge steps toward this by forcing key sections of the so-called "Patriot Act" to expire; sadly, he wasn't able to block or amend the so-called "Freedom Act" due to procedural shenanigans that basically blocked any discussion or amendments entirely.

It absolutely must end, and as a Senator he's already working toward that; no reason to believe he wouldn't continue to do so as a President.

>> REPEAL ObamaCare 100%;

Y'know... let's just not touch this one. It'll just degenerate into another pointless argument in which I'll be called names and accused of lacking compassion, and then I'll be punished even further for being attacked.

>>SLASH taxes for every American;

Unless he surprises me with a proposal that favors lower incomes more than higher ones (e.g. cutting the lower brackets while leaving the higher brackets where they're at, which would still cut taxes for everyone), I can't see myself backing this one.

>>TACKLE our out-of-control $18 trillion debt by passing a Balanced Budget Amendment;

This is desperately needed! It's abhorrent that it hasn't already happened.

>>MAKE Congress read the bills they scheme to ram into law;

Ditto, except that Congress voting on and passing bills they've not even read is so much more abhorrent -- I can't even think of a word that properly describes it!

>>END the reign of career politicians with term limits.


So, I'm behind him on 4 out of these 5 [remember, we're just ignoring that second one], with a 5th that I may or may not support depending on exactly what he proposes.

What about ye, 4K?

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