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Posted by Bruised at 8:51pm Dec 3 '06
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Check it out, there's this site called International Library of Poetry at People could submit any poem, no matter how bad, and it will tell them they're semifinalists! "You're a semifinalist, [private]!" Yet people who get their poems accepted get fooled into thinking their poetry really was good.

Here's something to try: write a poem within the parameters of their contest (no more than 20 lines, with no more than 60 characters per line), and spend no more than ten minutes coming up with something. Once you're done, check the box verifying it's your original work and hit the send button.

This is the poem that my efforts produced and I sent in:

A Million Lock-step Lemmings
By [private]

A million lock-step lemmings, all marching behind Shrub
Looking down on everyone who's not in on their club

A million lock-step lemmings taking every opportunity
To squelch the anti-Bush types with their cries of "We need unity!"

Defending him with fire, all loyal to King George
A neocon path into Century 21 to forge

Submissive to their leader, and to King George's reign
Overlooking his drunk driving and the time he did cocaine

Though "Is our children learning?" was clearly idiotic
They've got to get behind the man or they're unpatriotic

A million lock-step lemmings, all much to dense to realize
The true ramifications of his WMD lies

They say the Dems like terrorism, being much too softish
Their view on civil liberties is staying quite Ashcroftish

A million lock-step lemmings who swear they must be loyal
They really, really, really don't think it's about the oil
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