Hardest Rockers?

Posted by Trogdor at 9:40am Mar 19 '14
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In your opinion who are the hardest rocking band? Past or present.

In my eyes the hardest rocking band would have to be ACDC and I don't just say that because they grew out of the Australian Pub Rock scene and are some of the most well known rockers ever. I say that because as live performers they sound as good, if not better, than the studio recorded albums because they give 110% on every show. Though I will say I prefer Brian's gravelled voice over Bon's higher pitched scream. And the way that Angus runs his fingers over the fretboard and smashes out those unique and very distinguishable guitar solos, it just gets me every time.

One of their greatest shows ever was the Live at Donnington show, one of the best live performances ever recorded in my opinion.

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