New batman movie

Posted by Rick at 7:56pm Aug 4 '16
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Called the killing joke.

Based off the comic book....a comic book I did not read.

Mainly this is how batgirl becomes the oracle....which you know about if you watched a tv show "birds of prey"

And when I watched a YouTube clip comparison....seems like batman kills joker. Which good for batman, but then. How the hell does joker keep popping up after this!

I doubt he knows about the Lazarus pits, and it's even less likely either of the al ghouls would let him near them.

Most people seem to like the movie, with one glaring exception.

Batgirl and batman....GET IT in they have sex on a roof top.

Most people didn't like this. I was a fan of animated batman, and batman beyond, so I know they tried hooking them up. So it's not that surprising, though I side with the people whom don't like it.

As from batgirl perspective I don't care all that much, as long as it isn't hooking her up with her dad. But that's the problem, batman more or less is another father figure for Barbara, so when they hook bat girl up with batman....that's exactly what they did.
I'm also told that she was seeing dick/night wing/1st robin at the they do take her character out to pasture.

For animated batman most popular choices are catwoman, talia al ghoul and then they did push the Barbara angle at least for some time.

Me personally, I prefer my batman to be with his First Lady love, Mrs. Andrea Beaumont...the phantasm.

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