January month-end results

Posted by Kromey at 2:19pm Jan 30 '13
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Yes, yes, I know January isn't over yet, but it is the last Wednesday, which makes today the last Wednesday Weigh-In.

So, my official stats for the end of January:
Weight: 242.4 lbs (down 0.2 lbs for the year/month)
BMI: 35.8
Waist: 46.2
Hips: 45.5
WHR: 1.02

My starting weight was 242.6, so I'm down a sliver, but on the other hand that's up 2.4 pounds from last week's 240.0; that, however, is not an entirely unexpected result, given the excessive stress of the last few days (worked what basically amounts to a 26-hour day on Sunday/Monday, and yesterday another 11-12 hours, all on some damn project that just won't fucking work because of excessive issues with third-party hardware and software), and the fact that when I'm stressed I tend to eat more and am much less motivated to exercise.

I don't really have a starting WHR measurement, as I only thought to start recording that one last week (thanks to an unintentional reminder from Sov, who was kindly pointing out that weight isn't the only thing); it is unchanged from last week, though, however I'm not entirely happy with my measurements being all that accurate as I'm using a sewing tape rather than the body tape I'd used before (but now can't find); I have a tendency to pull the sewing tape too tight, or not tight enough, so I can measure myself 3 times and get 3 very different results. The body tape however is spring-loaded, so all I have to do is place it consistently and accurately and push the button. Damn, I need to find that thing again...

My goal is still to lose 50 pounds this year, i.e. on December 25th I want to record a weight of 192.4 (or lower); should I achieve that, that will give me a year-end BMI of 28.4, still "overweight" but finally down below "obese". (And, yes, I know BMI is a shitty indicator of health, but I also know that a healthy weight for me is down around 170-ish, which happens to be a BMI of 25.1 -- right at the upper end of the "healthy" range.)

WHR is supposedly a good indicator of overall health (at least obesity-related health), and it certainly can't be any worse than BMI. I don't have a set goal for my WHR, as I only began measuring it well after I became far too heavy, however a healthy WHR for a man is under 0.9, and knowing how I used to look I think that's feasible to achieve. [Interestingly you can see just how well I carry my weight -- despite being 70 pounds over my target weight (and well above the BMI's "obese" cutoff of 30.0), my WHR is barely over 1.0, which is the point considered to be equivalent to "obesity" (as opposed to merely "overweight").]
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