Wow I am out of shape!

Zumba Fitness Rush
Feel the exhilaration of the full-body dancing workout that you know and love with Zumba Fitness: Rush. Building on the phenomenal success of the original game, Rush delivers thrilling new routines, music tracks and the hands-free control and ...
Posted by Kromey at 6:23pm Jan 21 '13
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My goal (not "resolution", those are too easy to break/give up on!) this year is to lose 50 pounds; that's well within the realm of possibility I think. Unofficially I am down about 20 pounds from ~260 when I weighed myself in October; officially my starting weight this year was 242.6 lbs, and last Wednesday Weigh-in I was down to 240.0 (unchanged from the previous week).

Not content with just controlling my appetite (and, albeit to a lesser extent, watching what I'm eating), I finally got my Kinect set up again (thanks [private] for kicking my ass into gear!), and today during my lunch break I borrowed Zumba Fitness Rush (one of [private]'s Christmas presents) and popped that in.

Boy did it kick my ass! I didn't even make it halfway through the second low intensity song!!

Well, I plan to keep up with it -- and mix it up with Zumba Fitness, Zumba Fitness Rush, Dance Central (apparently there's 4 of these out now??), Your Shape Fitness Evolved, and even Kinect Adventures! on those days when I'm feeling run down or just want to take a break -- so hopefully soon I'll be kicking ass at it while I kick my extra weight right out the door!

Any other Kinect-ites out there have some recommendations for good, active games?

added on 6:29pm Jan 21 '13:
Also, this is probably relevant:

...Maybe I'll hook up the Wii, too, I'm pretty sure I look a lot less Jim Carrey-esque on the Balance Board...
added on 6:30pm Jan 21 '13:
Also also, turns out there's only 3 Dance Centrals; the "Dance Central 4" in Amazon's search results looks like confused people looking for Just Dance 4.
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