Lookee what I got!!

Posted by Kromey at 10:25pm Jan 17 '14
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[private] and Seds teamed up, and my birthday gift got here early. Lookee lookee!!



The big kicker is that, despite spotting a copy in the local comic shop (a little place called Comic Shop...), I had absolutely no concept of just how BIG this game really is:


Yes, that's me holding the box. No, there's no forced perspective or visual illusion or trickery of any sort -- the box really is that big!! And yet for how big it is, all the tokens came wrapped outside the box! (In fairness, that's because the interior holds the plastic "Ogre Garages" that in turn will hold the counters and tokens, once punched out and the 3D ones assembled into the 3D playing pieces. But still...)

And when you break the seal and pull it open for the first time, you're greeted with this (seemingly very apt) warning:

This way lies madness
"Read me first: This set includes more than a thousand counters. Don't start by punching them all out. That way lies madness. Keep reading."

More than a thousand counters! That way lies madness!!!

My wife and baby sis are the awesomest!!!!

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