The threat of over-population was over-blown

Population Bomb? So Wrong -- How Electricity, Development, and TV Reduce Fertility
This link talks about an important, yet under-reported story: the global decline of fertility rates. Environmentalists who once warned of exponential population growth were wrong.
Posted by Sir Four at 1:44pm May 19 '13
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It's a trend seen repeated around the world: as a country's development progresses, its reproduction rate falls. Most developed nations are at or below their replacement rate already, as are a number of developing nations (China and Brazil among them). Without immigration, these countries will see population declines.

Sub-saharan Africa is the main laggard in the trend:

It seems to me that, outside of Africa, there is no big population "scare". This is a relief, because coercive population control requires horrendous intrusion on civil liberties--something we absolutely do not want. The goal of nations in the future will likely be to aim for population stability.

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