Test your Assault Weapons knowledge!

Posted by Kromey at 8:56pm Feb 5 '13
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Lots of you have opinions on the topic, let's see how much you know about it! Answers will be posted in a response to the OP in a day or two, depending on how many people respond. No one is to be ridiculed for getting any question wrong; in fact, I strongly suggest no one debate other people's answers at all (however debate from the "answer sheet" is welcome). No Googling for answers -- this is meant as a test of your knowledge, intended as an instructional tool, and no one will receive any sort of "grade".

Okay, without further ado, here's the test:

1) Define "assault weapon".

2) Define "machine gun".

For the following questions, please refer to this image:

Multiple answers are acceptable (e.g. the question "Which is a gun?" would be answered with A, B, C, and D), as is "None of the above" (e.g. the question "Which is a butterfly?" would be answered "None of the above").

3) Which is an assault rifle?

4) Which is a machine gun?

5) Under current US federal law, which is prohibited to civilians?

6) Which would have been banned under the now-expired US federal "assault weapons ban"?

7) For each feature listed below, which have it?
i) Folding or telescoping stock
ii) Pistol grip
iii) Bayonet mount
iv) Flash suppressor
v) Grenade launcher

Extra Credit:
Identify each item pictured.
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