New York Times scare tactics

Posted by 79 at 1:05pm Jan 8 '13
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the NYT generally gets panned as liberal fanatics by people who watch fox news and listen to conservative hate-radio.

compared to the entire country, yeah, they're a bit on the liberal side. but what their detractors often forget is that NYC itself is even farther to the left than the paper - for new yorkers, it's mainstream or slightly conservative.

anyway, i came across this a few hours ago:

[note my mad paint skillz]

now, those are scare tactics. while the article (see below) does - passingly - refer to marijuana as less addictive than other drugs, i think comparing weed to heroin is apples and oranges and shows a complete lack of perspective.

the article reads at times like an updated version of reefer madness (how many people are admitted to the ER for marijuana overdoses?!) and at other times like pseudoscience (oh noes, it's gotten more potent! therefore parents have no basis for comparison!).

if you brush aside the fear-mongering and lack of meaningful statistical evidence, the article just says "[like any psychoactive drug] marijuana can affect the development of a young brain." (addition mine, with heavy irony.)

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