Multiple choice: What did I eat for Thanksgiving?

Posted by Psilocybin at 12:06am Nov 23 '12
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It's Thanksgiving once again. And I'm going to let you guess what I ate for dinner. I'll give you four choices, one of which is the correct one, and have you all see how well you know me by selecting which one I ate.

1. Turkey, mashed potatoes with gravy, stuffing and pumpkin pie
2. Turkey, pearl onion, asparagus, sweet potatoes, cranberry sauce with bits of orange zest in it, crescent rolls, pumpkin pie, sweet potato pie and mincemeat pie
3. A Mexican enchilada meal and half a lemon meringue pie
4. A gallon of Gatorade, hamburgers, hotcakes, deer pizzle, doughnut holes and a bag of Atomic Fireballs

You feel free to make your own tests!
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