So most of my time

Posted by Domino at 11:28pm Nov 15 '12
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has been consumed with my day job and the life plan of opening up my own Cheesecake/tea shop, My Mother had always made the best cheesecakes in the world according to my palette, so my standards have always been high.

Once I was able to persuade my Mom to sell (yes I said sell) her recipe a few years ago I have been creating variations ever since.
It would be my greatest joy for this to work out, but I have a few hurdles in my way. I have never even glanced at a business plan, I have on idea how to set the value of my creation( each one costs about 30 bucks to make and 24 hours to set before it is done), I will have to figure out how to make a web page, I have to get a Food managers certification, I have to find a commercial kitchen I can rent to bake the cheesecakes (someone told me to go to churches and see if they would allow me to use theirs).

I am currently creating new flavors for what I would like to offer as my top 7. This is a lot harder that I ever thought it would be.

It would really help if y'all could add my business on FB. I would appreciate any support I can get.

This week I made a Lemon Ginger cheesecake with a gingersnap crust. Feedback was positive but I need to add more ginger. In case anyone has worked with ginger before is there a way to bring out the flavor more before I mix and bake it? Should I candy it before I add it? Should I not only add the zest but also any juices? Baking is an art, and one I have discovered could be a way to make money. Fight now I can only make cheesecakes out of my home for Family/friends and accept "donations" that help to offset some of the cost.

Someone, ANYONE share your knowledge with me for business things. I would also appreciate ideas for flavors.
I do have to say though that my years in Retail and as a Hotel sales manager has improved my ability to barter. I have a professional photographer willing to take photos of my food to start but also teach me the best way to take photos myself (food photography is a serious subject) because I REFUSE to photoshop any of my creations, so all those pesky air bubbles, cracks and uneven crust lines will all be there!

A small rant though, because a lot of what Im doing happens to be new flavors I cut down a 10in cheesecake to bite size to have people try. I am more than willing to share this but man I never knew how many folks want me to make them a full cake for free this holiday season and I have to say no. I have a hard time saying no.

added on 11:30pm Nov 15 '12:
*for now
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