"Why I Masturbate my Son"

Posted by Worker Bee at 11:58pm Apr 20 '08
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I have clearly stated in my article that my son suffers from severe cerebral palsy. This means that although he physically has a body of a 21 year old male his mental capacity is less than the IQ of a six month old baby. My son cannot indicate his desire for food. Nor can he indicate that he has soiled his diapers. He cannot indicate if the pain he has is through a headache, toothache or constipation. He cannot indicate if he is tired sleeping on one side of the bed, nor can he indicate if he is lonely. He cannot indicate whether he would like a walk in the park and feel the cool breeze on his face and he cannot indicate which ice cream flavour he enjoys the most. And yes my son cannot indicate he desires sexual stimulation from me. Yet I would be true to say that any loving and caring parent instinctively knows the desires and the needs of his or her child, normal or disabled. In my case I am more acutely aware of my son's needs because I am sincerely devoted to his care and making sure that my son lives a life equal and normal to any other happy normal child.

I would also like to point out that Mustafa is physically normal to all other children / teenagers. He went through the stages of puberty like all other children and he expresses his sexual desire whenever he is "aroused" as all normal children do and that is by means of an erect penis. Aroused in this sense is when I might be changing diapers or bathing him or simply playing with him.

The medical opinion is that nearly all teenagers, male and female, masturbate in order to express and relieve their sexual desires. The act of masturbating my son is an act of compassion and care on my side in order that my son Mustafa leads a well balanced and a healthy life, physically, emotionally and sexually.

....So... What gives. It is incest, in a way, it is rape (sexual assault?) in a way since no consent is given, and i know that legally at least, (in the united states) sex acts with someone who is incapable of giving consent is rape. And for good reason, I think. So does giving sexual release to someone who otherwise couldn't have it a good thing, or is this as icky as someone pursuing sex acts with a six month old baby, since that is the mental level of this person with cerbral palsy... Does that mental fact win out, or does the fact that he has the body of a 21 year old win out? Are sexual urges more mental or physical? Even if the urges are there, is it the father's place to fulfill them?
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