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Posted by Trogdor at 11:01pm Feb 12 '14
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Has anyone here had any experience with building search engines in PHP?

I am hoping to develop a search feature on where someone can upload an image and the search engine will scan the database and find similar images. So you could upload a 640x480 copy and it would find the 1600x1200 version.

I've found two ways to uniquely identify images, one is an MD5 hash of the file itself which changes when the last edited time changes. I've also found the ImageMagick has an Identify Signature feature which I am exploring. I need to do more testing but if the image signature stays the same or is very similar between identical images with different sizes I'll try using that.

Currently the site is now set up to grab that Identity when new images are added so that I'll have something to test with but I really want to make sure that this will work before I try and generate signatures for the 34,000+ images that are currently in the database.

Has anyone here attempted this before? Googling doesn't really show up much information. It shows me how to build a custom Google Search engine but that is not what I want.

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