Just a few photos from my last trip to the zoo :)

Posted by C at 6:12am Sep 10 '11
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The hair and ears on these guys creeps me out a little bit...

Momma orangutang... was a bitch to get any shots of her in focus because she was constantly moving, shitty lighting (using an f1.8 lens here) and the plexiglass was dirty and people kept firing their flash x_x

This poor little monkey was in one of the outdoor cages. Kind of sad. Also, it's a bitch to get any sort of shot on the actual monkey because of the cage confusing the autofocus but these guys move really fast. I used manual focus on my zoom lens and the rangefinder feature to get this shot after like 454983653093 failed OOF shots.

Here's a hippo. Poor lighting but I was using a fast lens. Unfortunately, a polarized lens would have been really helpful here with all the glare.

Here's a wonderful shot of one of the elephants, inside. Poor indoor lighting but the f1.8 to the rescue!

Sometimes, their expressions can look so human.

Oh look, a lion!

And lioness...

I love the big cats.

Another hippo, outside in the nice warm sun. Happy hippo :D

"Why, how do you do, kind sir?"

I don't know what the name of this guy is but he looked pretty freaky, sort of prehistoric-looking--and colorful.

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