Monterey Bay Aquarium

Posted by ZTJK at 10:23pm Jan 29 '11
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I was going to go downtown and take pictures around Cannery Row, but the weather was kind of bad, so I decided to go to the aquarium instead. Full album here, and some highlights:



Moving water:

Flamingo exhibit:

I had a few really good ones from another angle on the other side of the exhibit, but I didn't realize when I took them that some kids had put there hands all over the glass, so they're kind of meh.


Return of the Jellyfish:


This penguin wouldn't leave me alone. She kept rubbing up against the glass:

Once I get Photoshop working on my laptop, I'm going to try to work on some of the graininess in some of them Had to push the ISO kind of guy on a lot of them, the rooms were really dark.

added on 10:27pm Jan 29 '11:
kind of high*
added on 10:39pm Jan 29 '11:
*their, bah
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